Our Services

Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Through Tadan's Touch of Hope Services, we provide mental and behavioral health support using the IPR model to create behavior change regardless of age.

Grief Counseling

Tadan's Touch Foundation assists those who are experiencing grief with counseling services and Making Memories into Movements.

Resource Coordination

Assistance with locating and applying for various resources like Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP Benefits, Section 8 housing and other resources.

Affordable Housing Program

Tadan’s Touch Foundation offers an affordable housing program to help individuals build better rental history, have a completely satisfied living environment, and change behaviors to succeed in their future. Individuals will need to be a part of the Tadan’s Touch of Hope IPR (Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation) program and show proof of income. 


Tadan's Touch of Hope Foundation and Counseling Services

Tadan’s Touch Foundation was based on a promise a father made to his son when he visited him after he passed on. The father promised his little boy that his death from a terrible disease would not go unnoticed, but would live forever and somehow help other parents and children with their life changing event. Through this promise, Tadan’s Touch now offers Behavioral health and mental health counseling for adults and children through our counseling services.


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