Mental and Behavioral Health Counseling

Tadan’s Touch of Hope has mental and behavioral health services through the use of the Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation (IPR) model to work with individuals seeking to change their behaviors and improve their mental health conditions to increase social, emotional and environmental awareness.

Grief Counseling

Tadan’s Touch Foundation

If you are going through any type of loss, Tadan’s Touch Foundation provides free grief counseling. You will not go through this alone. 

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Resource Coordination

Tadan’s Touch Foundation and Tadan’s Touch of Hope will help individuals find the right resources to continue the positive changes in their lives. Tadan’s Touch Foundation is  “solution-focused” not “excused-focused”. 

Tadan’s Touch Foundation and Tadan’s Touch of Hope are “not” an emergency crisis intervention program. Here are resources for immediate assistance when in crisis.


Johnson County 24 Hour Crisis Line: 319-351-0140  

Iowa Help Line (Mobile Crisis Unit): 1-855-800-1239  

National Crisis Line (call or text): 1-800-784-2433    

Police/Emergency assistance: I-800-273-8255 or 911 


UIHC Emergency Room: 319-356-2233  

UIHC Psych Emergency:  319-356-1616  

Mercy Emergency Room: 319-339-0300

Guidelink Center: 319-688-8000

Suicide Hotline: 988

Tadan's Touch Foundation
Apparel and Accessories

Tadan’s Touch Apparel and Accessories is a  clothing boutique. Tadan’s Touch Apparel and Accessories has many items that are “FREE” for anyone in the community. This boutique is to help the community have a place to go to feel good, have a positive experience, and have a resource for any help needed. 

Tadan’s Touch Apparel and Accessories is at 46 Spruce St. Suite 1. 

*All donations are excepted: clothing, household items, jewelry, furniture, etc… Please contact Todd Foss at (563) 349-8038

Affordable Housing Program

Tadan’s Touch Foundation offers an affordable housing program where individuals can temporarily build up positive rental history until they are financially and behaviorally prepared to move on to future living environments. Individuals must be active clients who are enrolled in the Tadan’s Touch IPR (intensive psychiatric rehabilitation) program and have a source of income in order to participate in the affordable housing program.